We aim to leave customers in a better position after using our services.

- either making them more comfortable in retirement or simply helping to understand their pensions and being fully informed.

Pension advice for the majority of people has all but disappeared from the high street or is simply too expensive. Millions of people are being ignored or forgotten by the financial industry.

Many pension savers don't know what pensions they have and many lack detailed information, including what they are worth and what this ultimately means for them in retirement.

This low level of engagement is likely to result in poor outcomes for the typical UK pension savers. We provide a no obligation assessment and reporting service and regulated, ongoing pension advice.

You don't need to understand pensions or finance to be an important customer. You don't even need to know anything about your own pensions. All you need is to want full information and the option of changing your financial future. We can help with the rest.

Why choose Kitts Wealth Management

  • Our research, reports and recommendations are completely no obligation.
  • If we find a better pension the decision to move is always up to you.
  • We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This means our advice is subject to rules and best practices set out by the regulator to ensure that any advice provided to you is suitable for you and your individual circumstances.