Assessing your pension is simple.

Once we have received the pension information from your providers and our research is complete, we'll invite you to book a call with one of our pension advisers.

On conducting a full and detailed assessment, we provide you with a report showing the features of your plan against your stated objectives and needs. This will include a comparison against the current options available to you within the marketplace.

What's covered in your assessment

  • How much you currently pay out in charges and admin fees.
  • Your pension valuations, fund performance and projected income at retirement.
  • Check the current investment risk level is appropriate for you.
  • Review of existing investment solutions within your pension to better suit your needs.
  • Options to protect your money from economic downturns.
  • Money saving solutions for multiple pensions.
  • Eligibility for any pension benefits with your current pension policies.
  • Better suited pensions if available.
  • Flexibility of current pension arrangements.
  • Your pension options from age 55 and at retirement.

Pensions made clear

  • We are not tied to and do not receive payments from any third party providers so this allows us to conduct an assessment based on your best interests and stated objectives.
  • We remove any jargon to help you make the right decisions.
  • We'll tell you if your pension or funds are best suited to you.
  • If your current pension is still suited to you - at least you’ll have all the information and the peace of mind that it’s in the best place.
  • Our advice is no obligation.